Crane, Rigging and Scaffolding Equipment

Training in operating Crane, Rigging and Scaffolding Equipment:

  • RIIHAN208A Dogging
  • TLILIC0012A License to Operate a Vehicle loading crane  (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)
  • TLILIC3006A License to Operate a Non slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity)
  • TLILIC3008A License to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)    
  • TLILIC4009A License to operate a Slewing crane up to 60 tons
  • TLILIC2005A License to Operate a Elevated work platform (boom length 11 meters or more)
  • TLILIC2001A License to operate a Forklift Truck
  • Plus Much More

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