Training and Assessment

EEMTS is able to provide training and assessment in the following:

  • AHC21010 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
  • AHC20110 Certificate II in Agriculture
  • AHC21210 Certificate II in Rural Operations
  • AHC30110 Certificate III in Agriculture
  • AHC32810 Certificate III in Rural Operations
  • RII30809  Certificate III in Construction Plant Operations
  • RII30912  Certificate III in Civil Construction
  • RII20712  Certificate II in Construction
  • RII10109  Certificate I in Recourses and Infrastructure
  • RII20109  Certificate II in Recourse and Infrastructure work preparation
  • RII20209  Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
  • RII30112  Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
  • RII30611  Certificate III in Small Mining Operations
  • RII30709  Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue
  • CPC20211 Certificate II in Construction Pathways
  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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